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Marietta, Georgia

Hours of Operation:

Monday: Advanced Appointment Only

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9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

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Cobb and Cherokee County


Enjoy a Clean Dog with Our Dog Grooming Services

Does your furry friend need a bath? Does your pooch need to "wipe his paws" before snuggling up next to you? Discover full-service dog grooming and dog bathing at The Dirty Paw Dog Spa in Marietta, Georgia. We love animals and will pamper your pet with our full-service and self-service amenities.

Our Services Include:


• Grooming • Bathing • Self-Service Bathing • Furmination


From Mutts to Show Dogs

Regardless of whether your pooch is a mutt or a thoroughbred show dog, we offer full-service bathing and grooming services to make him shine. Imagine the delightful difference a bath, nail clipping, and teeth brushed will make. Any breed of dog is welcomed.

Dandy Doggie Bath

With a decade of experience, trust us to make your dog clean and happy. We wash your pet, rinse, and then wash him again for an extensive cleaning. Our various shampoos accommodate any skin condition. This service normally takes 1–1½ hours. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are always welcomed.

Dog, Dog Bathing in Marietta, GA

Contact us for dog bathing or a self-service dog wash in Marietta, Georgia.